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Dustin Heitschmidt

Dustin Heitschmidt Memorial
Dette prosjektet ble vunnet i en designkonkurranse. Et spesielt og følelsesladet prosjekt som vi gjerne ønsker å fortelle mer om:

Oppdragsgivers ønsker: Dustin Heitschmidt was killed in an automobile accident and his family had the idea of developing a website to allow them to share his life and times! They wanted a place to go and remember, to share their own memories, and to help out Dustin's family in any way that they could. We want a site that is heartfelt but not mushy, meaningful but cool, very sharp looking but not too coporate. Emotions: trustworthy, strong, easy going, competitive. Themes: masculine, outdoors, athletic, Christian, faith. (Dustin rode mountain bikes, camped out, did lots of outdoors stuff). THE BOTTOM LINE is that this has to be great!

You just walked right up and slapped this project in the butt didn't ya?
That looks great! I love the use of pictures, and the main screen graphic is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Awesome awesome awesome...did I mention that it is awesome? Dustin's wife saw it and was blown away and cried, and my partner in this said that he doesn't see anyone beating that design. It couldn't be more perfect and the family is extremely happy with the design. I want to thank you for the great work you did on this project. I have never had a designer get something so right on the very first try, but you did it!

Flere prosjekter:

I can’t express to you how much I appreciate your work on Dustin’s template. You were able to quickly design something that exceeded my expectations and the expectations of Dustin’s family. Your work provides a beautiful, professional, masculine, welcoming interface for friends and family. You’ve brought tears of joy and appreciation to many saddened hearts because your design captured the essence of Dustin.

A sincere thanks and much gratitude accompanies my thoughts with this message. If, for any reason, I can help you in the future on a personal or professional level, feel free to contact me.

Kindest regards,
Keith Rickles
Helena, Alabama, USA

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